European Stock Markets_France Stock Market

European Stock Markets_France Stock Market
#France40 H1 Time
Inverted HeadAnd Shoulder pattern has been detected in the short time and as we can see on the attached chart, index already has broken out of the neckline ( red intermittent descending line ) and has open the way to hit MidTerm High around 5.643 till 5667 units.
The trend of the Short Term Time Horizon is Long
The trend of the Mid Term Time Horizon is Flat
The trend of the Long Term Time Horizon is Long
Bullish Scenario: A sustained move over 5.550 units will indicate the presence of buyers and the previews high at 5.700 is the first target and second 5.900 till 6.000 units
Bearish Scenario: A sustained move under 5.441 units will signal the presence of sellers and the first target is detected at 5,336 units and second 5.242 units. This is the last potential support before the Mid Term Trend changes as negative
Stop Long view: If index close bellow the 5.465 units
Vassilis Argiropoulos
Certified Technical Quantitative Analyst
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